Origeniana Duodecima : Origen's Legacy in the Holy Land - a Tale of Three Cities : Jerusalem, Caesarea and Bethlehem : Proceedings of the 12th International Origen Congress, Jerusalem, 25-29 June 2017
Origeniana Duodecima : Origen's Legacy in the Holy Land - a Tale of Three Cities : Jerusal...
Origeniana Duodecima : Origen's Legacy in the Holy Land - a Tale of Three Cities : Jerusalem, Caesarea and Bethlehem : Proceedings of the 12th International Origen Congress, Jerusalem, 25-29 June 2017
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220.08 B471
Bitton-Ashkelony, Brouria
Origeniana Duodecima : Origens Legacy in the Holy Land - a Tale of Three Cities : Jerusalem, Caesarea and Bethlehem : Proceedings of the 12th International Origen Congress, Jerusalem, 25-29 June 2017 / edited by Brouria Bitton-Ashkelony ; Oded Irshai ; Aryeh Kofsky ; Hillel Newman ; Lorenzo Perrone
Leuven; Paris; Bristol(CT): Peeters, 2019.
xiv, 893 p. : ill. ; 25 cm.
Bibliotheca Ephemeridum Theologicarum Lovaniensium ; 302
BETL ; 302
PROLEGOMENON -- Origen and His Legacy in the “Holy Land”: Fortune and Misfortune of a Literary and Theological Heritage / Lorenzo Perrone -- I: JERUSALEM AND THE HOLY LAND: HISTORICAL AND MYSTICAL GEOGRAPHY -- 1. Bethabara and Gergesa (Origen, Commentary on John VI,204-211): Geographical Digression or Exegesis? / Agnès Aliau-Milhaud -- 2. Mambré: Du chêne de la vision au lieu de pèlerinage / Marie-Odile Boulnois -- 3. Pascha in Third-Century Palestine: Origen's Newly Identified Homilies on the Psalms / Harald Buchinger -- 4. The Fall of Jerusalem in Origen's Newly Discovered Homilies on the Psalms / Antonio Cacciari -- 5. “Mother of Souls”: The Holy City of Jerusalem in Origen's Commentary and Homilies on the Song of Songs / Lavinia Cerioni -- 6. From Capernaum to Jerusalem: Noetic History and Historical Occurrences in Origen's Sacred Geography of the Holy Land / Giovanni Hermanin de Reichenfeld -- 7. “A Place to Worship the Lord Our God”: Origen's Exegesis of the Holy Land in His Homilies on the Prophets / Tommaso Interi -- 8. Early Christian Tradition about Adam's Burial on Golgotha and Origen / Nikolai Lipa tov-Chicherin -- 9. “Jerusalem … Is the Divine Soul” (FrLam VIII): The Holy Land in Origen's Early Works / Valentina Marchetto -- 10. Local Knowledge vs. Religious Imaging: Origen and the Holy Land / Christoph Markschies -- 11. The City of God and the Cities of Men according to Origen / Emanuela Prinzivalli -- 12. Die Stufen des Tempels: Zur Auslegung der Gradualpsalmen bei Origenes / Franz Xaver Risch -- II: THE SCHOOL OF CAESAREA AND EUSEBIUS -- 1. Porphyry at Origen's School at Caesarea / Pier Franco Beatrice -- 2. Studying the Scriptures at the School of Caesarea: The Testimony of Gregory of Neocaesarea's Oratio Panegyrica / Francesco Celia -- 3. Eusebius of Caesarea's Defense of Origen in Contra Marcellum I,4,1-27 / Mark DelCogliano -- 4. Alexandrie et Césarée: La continuité de l'itinéraire pédagogique d'Origène / Pedro Daniel Fernández -- 5. Origen, Copyists, and Books of Aggada / Marc Hirshman -- 6. Cities Divine and Demonic in Eusebius of Caesarea / Aaron P. Johnson -- 7. Eusèbe de Césarée, Jérusalem et la Palestine: Une question controversée / Adele Monaci Castagno -- 8. Συμφωνία: Symphonic Exegesis from Origen to Eusebius of Caesarea / Sébastien Morlet -- 9. Caesarea Maritima in the Time of Origen / Joseph Patrich -- III: ORIGEN'S LATIN LEGACY: RUFINUS AND JEROME -- 1. Origen, Jerome's Pauline Prefaces, and the Architecture of Exegetical Authority / Andrew Cain -- 2. Bible and/or Tradition in the Works of Origen, Rufinus, and Jerome / Maurizio Girolami -- 3. “Seek and Ye Shall Find”: Rufinus and the Search for Origen's Trinitarian Orthodoxy / Justin J. Lee -- 4. Likeness to the Angels: Origen, Jerome, and the Question of the Resurrection Body / Katarina Pålsson -- IV: TRADITION, INNOVATION, AND HERITAGE: ORIGEN'S EXEGESIS AND THEOLOGY -- 1. Psalms as Part of the Worship in Early Christian Exegesis / Cordula Bandt -- 2. Discerning Quotations from Heracleon in Origen's Commentary on the Gospel of John / Carl Johan Berglund -- 3. Jews, Christians, and the Conditions of Christological Interpretation in Origen's Work / Andrew Blaski -- 4. Origen's Unique Doctrine of the Trinity: Its Jewish and Egyptian Sources / Gerald Bostock -- 5. Origen's Use of Papias / Stephen C. Carlson -- 6. History and Context of Origen's Relation of the Two Seraphim to the Son and Holy Spirit / Elizabeth Ann Dively Lauro -- 7. “That Man Who Appeared in Judaea” (Prin II,6,2): The Soteriological Function of the Humanity of the Son of God according to Origen's De principiis / Samuel Fernández -- 8. Matter and Body in Origen's Christian Platonism / Alfons Fürst -- 9. Origen on Body and Soul / Anders-Christian Jacobsen -- 10. The Sacrifice of the Law in Origen's Homilies on Leviticus / Samuel Johnson -- 11. Being and Becoming in Celsus and Origen / Jussi Pentti Junni -- 12. Is Romans 9,11 Proof for or against the Pre-Existence of the Soul? Origen and Augustine in Comparison / Lenka Karfíková -- 13. Ousia in Origen: The Use of the Term in Light of the Homilies on the Psalms / Vito Limone -- 14. Origen and the Grammatical Process of Interpretation: Ὑπερβατά as Solutions to Solecisms / Francesca Minonne -- 15. Le lieu de Jésus et la voie négative de l'épinoia dans le Commentaire sur Saint Jean d'Origène / Domenico Pazzini -- 16. Trois versions de Phinees: Nb 25,7-8 dans la tradition alexandrine(Philon, Origène, Cyrille) / Gianluca Piscini -- 17. The Philosophical Premises of Origen's Teachings on the Subject of Christ as an Ontological Unity / Anna Zhyrkova -- V: THE ORIGENIST LEGACY: FROM EVAGRIUS TO BALTHASAR -- 1. The First Responses to Iconoclasm in Byzantium and Origen's Tradition: The Cases of Constantinople and Palestine / Vladimir A. Baranov -- 2. Origen and the Glorified Body: Bullinger, Sozzini and Calvin in Dialogue / Maria Fallica -- 3. Origen, “Destroyer of the Holy Scriptures”? Origen and Theodore of Mopsuestia on Ephesians 5,31-32 / Cornelis Hoogerwerf -- 4. Photius as Origen's Reader (and Editor) / Raffaele Tondini -- 5. Evagrius and the Christian Interpretation of the Psalms: Proposals for Further Investigation / Robin Darling Young -- 6. The Nous Is the Head of the Soul: Remaking Origen's and Evagrius's Anthropology for the Church of the East / John Zaleski -- 7. “Where the Human Senses Become Spiritual, Faith Becomes Sensory”: Corporeality and Spiritual Senses in Balthasar's Reading of Origen / Elisa Zocchi
Origen,Church history,Primitive church,early church,Jerusalem,Bethlehem,Caesarea,Israel,Influence,
Irshai, Oded
Kofsky, Aryeh
Newman, Hillel
Perrone, Lorenzo
Aliau-Milhaud, Agnes
Fernandez, Pedro Daniel
Morlet, Sebastien
Palsson, Katarina
Fernandez, Samuel
Fuerst, Alfons
Karfikova, Lenka
Mambre: Du chene de la vision au lieu de pelerinage
Alexandrie et Cesaree: La continuite de l'itineraire pedagogique d'Origene
Eusebe de Cesaree, Jerusalem et la Palestine: Une question controversee
Le lieu de Jesus et la voie negative de l'epinoia dans le Commentaire sur Saint Jean d'Origene
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